Welcome to the new Dog Breed Training website. Although this website started many years ago it has a great following of loyal dog owners and dog trainers (and breeders). We’re thrilled to have our new website up and running.

The layout of the new Dog Breed Trainers website is deigned to make both new and old dog stories accessible to our visitors. There are so many areas of interest around dogs, everything from dog toys to house training, dog trial training and funny readers dog stories, we hope that the new menu system makes finding the canine information you are after easier. If there is anything that you would like to see please don’t hesitate to send us an email, we’re all dog enthusiasts¬†here so anything you would like to know about we probably would too!

We’ve put all the Cesar Melan stories we have under the one heading as so many people are interested in Cesar and his methods.

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Why is puppy preschool important?

It’s important for little dogs because it aclimatises them to big dogs

It’s important for quiet dogs because it gets them used to excitable dogs

It’s important for excitable dogs because it helps them get over that burst of adrenaline when they first see another dog Continue reading

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