When do you train your dog?

There are many ways to train a dog. In my times as an instructor for people training their own dogs I would often ask ‘When do you train your dog?’, lots of people had ideas, ‘In the morning’, ‘when we go to the park’, ‘after he’s eaten’, before he’s eaten’, ‘when there is no-one else around’, etc etc.

My response is you train your dog everytime you interact with it.

Never encourage behaviour in your dog that you don’t want you dog to have, i.e. feeding your dog from the table is fine if you are happy for your dog to beg and/or droll every time you have food in your hand. If you don’t want your dog to annoy you while you are having a BBQ in the back yard then make sure the god only gets feed in their food bowl at their meal time.

If you pat and love your dog when he jumps on you and he’s dry and you have your old clothes on, it’s a bit hard to growl at him when he jumps on you when he is wet and muddy and you’re in your Sunday best! He will have no idea of the difference in these two situations.

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