Afghan Hound

“The Afghan Hound is a king of dogs that has held true to tradition throughout the ages.”

The Afghan Hound is not just another pretty face!

This versatile dog can do more than just flaunt its beauty and elegance in the show ring…

The Afghan Hound is a beautiful show dog, or a successful obedience dog.

Many Afghan Hounds are used as therapy dogs, visiting hospitals or retirement homes to bring cheer and therapeutic value to patients.

Afghan Hounds love to run, jump and climb.
Agility events provide them with the opportunity to show off these skills in a fun partnership with their handlers.

The sport of lure coursing has been enjoyed by Afghan Hounds and their owners for decades. More and more Afghan Hounds are now becoming champions in the show ring, obedience ring and in the field making this an outstanding companion and competitive dog.

The Afghan Hound is first and foremost a loving member of the family household. The Afghan Hound is both independent and sensitive and does not repond to harsh treatment. He is a companion for life!

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