Dog Gifts

Someone in you life has a special 4 legged friend and you need to buy them a present? get it right and earn lots of brownie points get it wrong and you’ve just insulted both dog and owner!

Some pointers for buying a dog a gift.

Match the gift to the size of the dog.
Small dog small ball, small treats. A large dog can choke on a small ball. A very large breed can choke on even a normal size tennis ball.

Suit the toy to the breed’s traits.
A tug of war toy for a Great Dane is a bad idea (unless the owner is a champion wrestler!) A ball for a lap dog is often not so good. But a new soft bed for a lap dog, or a nice collar or personalised food bowl could be perfect. A large chew toy for the larger breed, or a large Kong could be just the ticket.

Suit the toy to the dogs owner.
A frisbee may be good for a more active owner but not so good for an aging Aunt.

Sticks or stick like objects can stick into a dogs mouth or throat if they try to scoop it off the ground while running. As mentioned above a too small too as a gift could be swallowed and choke the dog. Even Frisbees as mentioned above have been implicated in safety concerns where dogs jump flip and turn themselves inside out whilst trying to catch the spinning disk.

You might also consider a “practical” gift, say a lead, a new collar or a food bowl.

Some brief tips…

The best leeds for dogs, in my humble opinion, are good quality soft leather leeds. The thickness of the lead and the strength of the buckle must be match to the size and strength of the dog they are for. A good quality leather lead will last a long time.

Dog collars need to be sized to the dog both in width and length. Again good quality leather is great but may not suit all environments. The quality of the metal hardware is very important. Appropriately strong steel (even better brass) fittings work well.

Water Bowls and Food Bowls
For young or active dogs a metal bowl will last a lot longer than ceramic, plastic or the super hard poly watch-a-ma-called ones.

Of course you may be able to buy something more breakable for a little or docile dog, but one drop from a bench when full with food and it will be gone.

If buying for a puppy I suggest you buy the bowl for the size the dog will become rather than the size the dog is.

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