Ruff Justice for Dog-Loving Cabbie

A Hong Kong taxi driver was convicted of assault for instructing his dog to attack a cat lover, it was reported today.

Yip Ko-yuen told a court that Joseph Cheung hit him with a dog leash after he stopped Cheung’s dog from attacking a stray cat on May 14, the Apple Daily newspaper said.

Cheung then ordered his dog to attack Yip, who was bitten in the groin, the report said.

Cheung, 49, was found guilty of wounding Yip. He will be sentenced next Friday.

Yip is a volunteer for The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Hong Kong and has 23 cats, the Apple Daily said. He suffered injuries to his thighs and lower legs.

Calls to the judiciary went unanswered today, a public holiday in Hong Kong.

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