Why is puppy preschool important?

It’s important for little dogs because it aclimatises them to big dogs

It’s important for quiet dogs because it gets them used to excitable dogs

It’s important for excitable dogs because it helps them get over that burst of adrenaline when they first see another dog

It’s good for big dogs because it gets them used to small dogs

It’s great for agressive dogs to see that not all other dogs are agressive (and they don’t have to be either)

It’s great for timid dogs as it helsp them relax around other dogs.

All these things are 100 times easier for your dog to learn when he is young, when the other dogs he/she interacts with are much less likely to have strong reactiosn themeselves. The chances of a poorly adjusted dog hurting another dog or person are much less when he or she is a small puppy.

And the most important thing about puppy preschool is that it helps nervous, unsure or unknowing owners relax when ther pup is around other dogs. This has a dramatic influence on how a dog reacts to all sorts of situations and sets them up for a more realxed life.

Puppy Preschool, don’t leave home without it.

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